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Staying Safe on the Road

People have been calling the Coronavirus “the great equalizer.” It’s earned its moniker because infection knows no country, no class, no race, and no political views. Unlike crises of the past, this one is universal—which also means it’s the most personal. Because no matter who you are, you’re at risk.

Yeah, that sounds a little scary. And, as a truck driver, you can’t “shelter in place” or avoid interacting with people. There is no work from home option.

The good news? There’s a few things you can do to significantly reduce your risk while on the road. Here’s how:


1. Avoid Restaurants

You can’t turn on the news today without hearing the term “social distancing”— which , simply put, is to keep your distance from other people. Luckily, truck drivers spend a lot of time disconnected from others.

The one exception: eating at restaurants.

You may be thinking, “well what are the chances of somebody having coronavirus in a diner? They have got to be low.”

Wrong. If there are a million active cases in the United States, the likelihood of somebody having coronavirus in that restaurants is a whopping 25%.*

Your best course of action? Stick to the drive-thru. McDonald’s is now serving truckers directly in their cabs.


2. Lysol, Lysol, Lysol

The other major way of catching the big C is by contacting infected surfaces.

Example: An infected motorist uses a gas handle on a Friday afternoon, leaving the virus on the trigger. Three days later, you fill up using the same handle. Before you get in the cab you itch your nose.

And just like that. You could get infected.

One of the most unique and troubling characteristics of this virus is how long it lives on surfaces, sometimes up to five days.

To protect yourself, turn to lysol and soap. Use lysol to wipe down foreign objects like gas handles, food packaging, etc. And when it comes to washing your hands? Be vigilant.


3. Vitamin C

Full disclosure- we are not licensed MD’s, have advanced degrees in epidemiology, or are any shade of “medical professional.”

We get our information just like you, from trusted sources that help us navigate this crisis. One thing that caught our attention was the potential of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C will not prevent you from catching Coronavirus, but it could mitigate it’s severity if you do catch it.  In fact, doctors in New York are administering Vitamin C intravenously to patients to lessen its effects.**

To be clear, clinical trials of vitamin C are still ongoing—so the jury is still out. But it doesn’t hurt to pop some Emergen-C gummies.


Like crises of the past, this too shall end. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at