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What You Need to Know About Your Truck Drivers

You’ve built your business, you’re managing your office, you have contracts signed to ship your loads and … nothing. Your trucks are full, but your driver seat is empty.

Why can’t we fill our trucks? What are we missing? It starts with understanding our employees.

It is safe to say that most of the long haul drivers want more money and more time home. If we were to make them choose between the two, I know for a fact, as a former business trucking business owner, that the majority of them would choose more time home with their family.

Why is this a safe assumption? Long haul jobs are not easy; a driver may drive for 14 hours a day, with 11 of those hours spent on the road and three hours on duty. Nights are spent sleeping in the truck. This routine will go on for six days out of the week.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Nowadays, with Amazon Prime memberships through the roof and an annual “Amazon Prime Day,” the American consumer expects their package the next day. How will these tons of goods move across the country? Through the sacrifices made by our drivers; this new cultural norm of “now” takes a toll on the truck driving profession. The job requires driving long distances allowing for one day off the clock. To meet goals, they may be required to drive on the biggest holidays of the year - Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving.

The trucking industry is feeling the discontent with this expectation via the driver shortage. We can all agree that something needs to change.

Back to my assumption about a driver’s preference to time home over more money. The only barrier to making this work-life balance a reality is that full-time positions doesn’t allow for this flexibility.

Okay – so, problem identified. What now?

Enter TruckerWall. The TruckWall team has set out to improve the industry as a whole.

Through our platform, we form mutually beneficial relationships - companies get drivers on demand and the drivers have more work-life balance by having more control over their schedule.

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