Trucker's Voice

A life on the Road.

One day, while fuelling at a truck stop far far away from home and thinking about how much he misses his two little trouble makers, John overhears some other drivers at the fuel pump on his left side. They seemed happy and one of them said to the other:


  • I drive whenever I want, and I am always home for any big event or holiday…


Intrigued, John approached them and asked more about that GIG and how on earth was that even possible.


  • Well, everybody knows that there is a shortage of drivers and that companies are fighting to get the best drivers and keep them for a very long time. But not many drivers know how to maximize their profits from this situation. Listen, said George while handing John a small piece of paper that seemed empty, take this and follow the instructions, tell them that George the “Red Beard” sent you, and they will take care of you. But let’s keep this between us.


Back in his truck, John opened carefully the paper that George gave him and called the phone number written. He was sceptical, but curious. One though voice answered on the other side of the line. They talked for more than an hour, the voice explained everything and the steps John needed to follow to change his life.


But John was still sceptical. What should he do?

His phone rang while he was meditating. Sarah, his beautiful wife on the other line.


  • Babe, where are you? I miss you and next week is Sophia’s 5th birthday. Are you going to make it? She really wants you home for her birthday.
  • Aw, my little princess’s birthday. I will be home for sure, he said to Sarah, knowing that he may be on another route far away from home. A small tear rolled down his left cheek.


This was it. He knew he needed to do everything to be home for his princess’s birthday.

He completed the steps that the though voice from the call told him and started his trip back home.


When he got home, Sophia’s birthday party was starting. She wasn’t happy knowing that her hero wasn’t there.


But all of a sudden, she froze.A second later her smile illuminated her cute face. She knew that her hero is home! She recognized the Semi’s engine before she even saw it!


  • Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home! She kept yelling while running towards the parking lot.


Several weeks have passed and he is home every time he wants. No more excuses for those important moments.


Life is short, let’s make the most of it while we can.