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Driver Shortage Just a myth?

Is there a Truck Driver Shortage?

91% of the trucking companies struggle at least once a year to find a good Qualified Driver. So no! This is not a myth, actually is the number 1 issue in trucking industry. But why is this happening?

Improving Economy

As the nation’s economy continues to improve, the production and output from American companies is increasing. The increased production and distribution of goods and materials means that there is an increased of truck driving jobs. A 70% of the freight is moved by trucks, so this Driver Shortage is bringing problems to the entire economy.


ELD Mandate

The Goverment is not here to help.Since 18 December 2017 there is the new Mandate. Every Truck has to have an ELD Device that controls every foot the wheel moved. A load that took 48 hours to deliver now takes 72+ hours. This means that more trucks on the road are needed and of course more drivers. But wait, this is not all. A driver was making 3000+ miles per week getting a good pay home. Now with the ELD any hour delay (traffic, shipper, etc) can delay the delivery up to a day! 

Less miles= Smaller Check

 How to fix it?

TruckerWall is working on ways to bring Truck Driving Jobs back to top jobs.

How would yo fix it if you would be in charge?