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5 Reasons You Should Date a Truck Driver

5 Reasons You Should Date a Truck Driver

“The only thing tougher than a trucker is his wife!“


If you are in a relationship with a truck driver, you know that sometimes things can become challenging. The hardest things to overcome are distance and lack of time for your mutual, romantic activities. Ladies, we all know things can be hard, but this article isn´t about that. We are here to remind you why you have fallen in love in the first place. Let´s change the focus a bit to see the good sides of dating a truck driver (trust us, they exist):


  1.   Distance – Wait, didn´t we say distance is bad for a relationship? It could be, but as you probably know, every subject is indeed two subjects. So, the distance can be refreshing if you know how to play along. For example, you can organize your spare time the way you want while your loved one is on the road. Watch movies you would like to, read a book that you´ve been planning to and work on your self-improvement. That way, every new meeting with your loved one would be refreshing and magical. You will be thrilled to share the news from your everyday life with the person you love the most.


  1.   Adventures – At first, truck driving doesn´t seem very interesting. It might seem like truck drivers are just doing basic things like: driving, changing tires, shipping loads, etc. However, you would be surprised to uncover the daily, unusual things they go through. Sometimes, they are dealing with dangerous situations on the road or strange people at the gas station. These topics are both scary and fun. While talking about these subjects you can show appreciation for their strength and bravery. You will certainly learn more about the industry.


  1.   Security – Most of the truck drivers are earning enough money to support their families. That is extremely important if you have children. Be grateful for the security you have and focus on the benefits that this carrier is bringing to both you and your family.


  1.   Free time – If you are someone who enjoys freedom and alone time, a trucker is a perfect match for you. You can hang out with your friends more often---or be lazy and do nothing while enjoying your personal space. Some couples don´t have that luxury!


  1.   Little things – When people spend a lot of time together, they tend to take some moments for granted. If your loved one isn´t near most of the time, you start to appreciate every little thing about them. You are happy when you hear their voice or when you walk together side by side. Little things make all the difference. So, instead of craving for more, make those moments unique and memorable. You will see how your relationship will evolve over time. Plus, your loved one will appreciate it.