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Ultimate Guide to Fighting High-Demand Season

We can’t talk about the high-demand season approaching without acknowledging the driver shortage. When the American truck driving industry is hurting, the whole country feels it. This sentiment rings true with the current shortage and there is no light at the end of the tunnel - reports suggest that the shortage, current at 60,000 drivers and without a solution, the number could triple by 2026. However, if we take the time to learn why there is such high turnover, we can reverse the trajectory of our industry. We look at both and propose a solution for fighting high-demand Season.


An Industry in Crisis: Experts Chime In

Leading experts have been researching the shortage and find that a high turnover rate is behind the shortage, but that is the symptom, not the cause. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand turnover:

Retirement: Simple enough to understand. The industry hit its stride in the 1980’s and a major portion of the workforce is retiring.  While this isn’t a phenomenon, the issues are there are no up-and-comers to take their place.


Cultural Shifts: It is now a cultural norm to expect your package to arrive immediately. This trend was worsened by Amazon Prime memberships and other on-demand platforms.


Working Conditions: One of the biggest factors contributing to the shortage is a lack of work-life balance. Long haul drivers are on the road for 14 hours a day, sleeping in their trucks at night, enjoy one day off a week. And let’s not forget- business doesn’t stop for holidays and weekends, leaving employees very little room for family and personal life.  



An Intervention Arrives


As mentioned earlier, the shortage is anticipated to worsen without a solution.


That is where TruckerWall comes in. TruckerWall is a company created by a former truck company owner. This unique platform allows companies to build a workforce pool with multiple drivers for on-demand shipments.

So, you can work with your preferred drivers and be connected to them through TruckerWall should you need to use their services again.


The best thing about TruckerWall is all these services are 1 click away. Through our easy to use platform, you can have drivers on-demand. All drivers must pass TruckerWall’s rigorous screening process which includes: minimum 2 years of experience, reference check, random drug testing, background and driving record check, and credential check.


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